EV Charging


Electrical Vehicle Charging

The planning and construction of electric vehicle charging (EV charging) points is a good example of a new technology that Phasor has embraced and in which we are quickly becoming the standard bearer. Our clients, and their customers and staff, want more sustainable, greener services and we will always be enterprising and enthusiastic when it comes to innovation. There is also a commercial reality to be addressed: In 2019, as part of its Climate Action Bill, the government announced that it intends to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030 in order to help Ireland meet its carbon emissions targets. Phasor is here to help you get ready for this paradigm shift.

What We Do

We supply, install and maintain EV vehicle charge points.

Full turnkey packages are available from design, civil / building works to electrical installation and commissioning.

We cover commercial buildings, apartment blocks, shared car parks and private homes.

Ask, and we’ll give you a free consultation

How we do it

When we receive your enquiry, we send it straight to our engineering manager.

We will make contact with you to establish a timeline / project scope for your installation.

A site visit will be arranged if required.

If you need initial project design support, we’ll do it.

We find the best electric car charging solution for your specific project.

We’ll offer you full end-to-end project management covering the installation process.

When we’re sure we have every detail we’ll give you a detailed quotation / estimate for your approval.

Once you accept the estimate, we’ll appoint a highly experienced technician to liaise with you and deliver your project safely, within time, on budget and against original scope with any variations documented should they arise.

We provide full training on how to use your new charger.

We will also offer ongoing maintenance of your charge point after installation to protect your investment.

Now, what can we do for you?