KIPPURE ESTATE – Chandelier Installation

We were tasked with installing and powering a main centrepiece chandelier, consisting of 5 individually powered LED rings encased in gold protective structures.

  • These were hung using suspension kits which were attached to a main ceiling rose. The ceiling rose had to be adapted to fit all 15 suspension wires as each ring came with an individual ceiling rose.
  • We were provided with a drawing as to exactly how each ring was to hang as they were to be made to look like they were intertwining. 
  • We used a mobile tower to get up to the ceiling as the connection point was 8 metres high. We made initial connections above the ceiling and worked our way down from LED ring to LED ring while reducing the height of the mobile tower as we got closer to completion. 
  • We then made final connections and made sure the light was exactly to specifications. We turned on the power and this then completed the installation.