ACCOUNTING PRACTICE IN LUCAN – Flood control and Disaster Management

The Main water pipe burst in the ladies toilet (under the sink) and caused flooding in all the facilities. Our technicians were onsite immediately and stopped the leak. The office was operational after 24 hours.

We did the following works and made sure that all the affected areas were dry.

  • Closed the main water supply pipe and installed valves to the sink pipe.
  • Installed 2 water pumps to remove the water from the facilities.
  • 2 electricity generators were installed to provide the electricity.
  • 4 highbred wet-vacs were used to remove the water.
  • There were also 12 dehumidifiers installed.
  • Replaced No.1 x 10 gang click box with new.
  • Removed all old light fittings.
  • Installed no.6 60×60 led ceiling panels and No.1 1.5watt emergency spotlight.

We certified that all electronic equipment were safe to use.