Phasor Water Softener Installation for Slane Castle

20190307 Water Softener Installation for Slane Castle 1

During January last, we were delighted to take another trip to the renowned Slane Castle. This time, we were commissioned to install a water softener system. This is an incredibly important system for any large property involved in the hospitality and catering sector. Hard water causes a build up of limescale on appliances, which can eventually result in equipment inefficiencies and breakdowns especially to appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Limescale buildup can also lead to greater problems and over time may damage plumbing throughout an entire building. Not addressing hard water problems, can have large repercussions on businesses, such as hotels, restaurants and guesthouses.

20190307 Water Softener Installation for Slane Castle 3

At Slane Castle, our team installed the highest specification water softener system, Kinetico CP213s Base Exchange Twin Tank Water Softener. At Phasor, we only use systems and products that we know are trustworthy and of the highest quality. The machine was calibrated to the incoming hardness adding in disc no. 4. After the installation, our EWS Engineer carried out a water hardness test in the presence of our client. The EWS Engineer went through the workings and maintenance of the system with the client, advising them of the work and the regular checks required on Salt Level, Pre-washable Filter and UV System.
Our team talked the client through all the details involved with the machine and how best to maintain optimum performance ongoing. Professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge is what we value in Phasor Maintenance, and this couldn’t be done without our expert crew.
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